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The Non Kinky Mid-West!'re not going to believe what has happened with my book "Bondage for Sex"'s been at print for about a week now. The printer is in Minnesota and has a 4 week turnaround so the copies would be all done about 2 weeks prior to the release date (perfect timing as this is when Amazon, etc need them by) of June 5th. Anyway, they're already printing and someone in the printing company flips out over the book...literally...and makes a big deal over it's explicit nature, etc and that's it's offensive and they shouldn't have to look at it in the, there's no genitalia shown in it and it meets all of the "rules" for Borders, Barnes & Noble, isn't porn, etc so anyway they've dropped it...yep, they are refusing to print the book...AGH! Probably due to fear of being sued by this employee (s?) I can't believe much for freedom of speech. So, now it's back to the printer in Canada that was originally going to do it (and is more open minded) but who has a slower turnaround. They've been told it's a rush job so I'm still hoping to make the release date but damn this is stressful...really looking forward to Mexico tomorrow!
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